'You'logy (Monologue)

These lines I have written, are written for her. Others might not find it interesting, but who cares?

At times, I just wonder, what's so amazing about u?

Next moment, I answer myself, everything about u is amazing, the whole freaking package. You appear like a complete novel, everything created so finely, plots, characters, symbols, themes. Wait there, I might sound so unromantic comparing u with novel elements, but being a literature student sometimes makes me do that. you can smile on it.

And I know, u did, with glittering dimples. Perfect, thank you.

The thing is, I m very weak with the imaginations. u know me well, if others were in my place, they would have written a good deal of songs, or gazhals or others praising you, comparing you with this and that. I cannot do that, one reason I already told you, other one is I don't want to fall on the lines of mainstream people. Don't you think writing songs or poems on somebody you like is too mainstream?

The story we create is already off the track. I don't like mainstream stories.

I know you are not perfect, nobody is. you have all strengths and weaknesses as other normal human beings do. one thing about you is perfect, you are not fake, never ever. The attitude you carry about many stuffs, people, the way you think, the way you dress up, the way you talk are almost perfect too.

I don't need someone more perfect than this anyways. Perfection, is obviously boring.

Only thing I don't like about you is you absolutely love every portion of me. Come on, m not that good. Not even closer. you never dislike crazy things I do, crazy life I live, crazy noise I make and crazy choices n food I come up wid. You just simply n absolutely like everything. I m not a good looking guy, not that charming, not that amazing types, still u never complain. Even when I keep nagging, you just find ways to like me.

I mean how cool is that? Sometimes, I feel jealous about your dedicated side, once liked or disliked, things over.

Being with you has always been adventurous, you are so unpredictable that you might come up with something interesting any moment. I just wonder why its so hard to predict you, I mean I call myself somehow average but you beat me on predictions. You can absolutely predict how will I react to things, with words and expressions, and I fail to do that most of the times. But, you know what, that's interesting, I can smile back on most of such instances, as I expect your mood or next thing to be something and you appear with something.

I like this part the most, at times, its so amazing being with you like that.

There are much more things I can continue writing like this, I can write a whole damn book on you, but I don't want to sound boring. And yes, I m sleeping at 4540 Thorang base camp, so hectic cold, the food was obviously inedible, and I m missing you more.

Keep being amazing, my life has good enough reason to live on in the form of you.

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