Remembering Nepal Earthquake : Numb eyes

On 25th April 2015,
the devastation came in the mid-day. I was in my room, getting ready for an indoor cricket match with friends. It started shaking, I thought it was a small tremor passing by. I slipped out to my veranda, it was a violent shake. I now can't describe in words, how terrifying that whole minute was.
When I looked across my home, a home was being tossed in the air, here and there. Seeing that, only thought in my mind was "Come on, it's enough, come on, stop, please", but in the final violent shake, the 5 storey building uprooted and got smashed into another home creating a huge blow of dust around.

My tweet while running away from house after another shock:

I was speechless, stunned! For a moment I forgot, I myself is inside a house which is shaking badly. 

I put on a shirt and ran towards the home, there were 3-4 people in the remaining part of the home, we dragged them out, but before we could talk to the people crying under debris, it started shaking again, we ran to the open space. It continued, tremors kept coming, we kept attempting to pull them out.

Since then, we lost 13 people in that home: 2 kids, 7 women and 4 men. It took 7 days to take them out, smashed and still. But, we could also pull out 9 person alive, with the help of Nepal Army, Nepal Police, APF, NDRF India and other rescue workers. One of them to be featured in the front page of Kantipur national daily as she was pulled out alive and unhurt after 34 hours under the devastated home.

These days, today to be the 13th day(Hindus mourn for 13 days), have taught a lot to me. Be it surviving, be it knowing the value of being alive, be it panicking like hell, be it consoling self and family or whatsoever, those days were unforgettable for it's every fucking bit of second.
This evening, we organized a candle light ceremony in memory of those, who lost their lives and prayed for their departed soul to rest in peace. One woman rushed to me, pulled my hand, shown me to a male figure and said, he is the guy who pulled me out of the falling house. That person was her husband and unknowingly, I had pulled out her, her mom and her son in an attempt to save.
People lighting candles at the place, praying for departed souls of Nepal Earthquake.
I never wrote or said these things before, but this was amazing feeling. I don't remember her face but I can sense her happiness to be saved. I was still sad to lose some 2 dozens of people, but yet it was special feeling.

I lost my home because of this quake, the only place I could call my own is gone. Yet, happy for family and friends made it out safe so far. Lost my office too, the place I loved so much for years. The misery continues, many many I know and don't have lost their relatives, home, properties. The city looks barely like my city, it looks like some rubbed place.

But, the life moves on.

I don't remember any of those people who lost their lives, except one sweet little lady, Bivia. Who used to run around, in her tiny bicycle and always ask why I carry a stick in my bag(monopod). While the bulldozer pulled off her bicycle as it is, I hoped she would make out unhurt too, but she came out wrapped in white clothes. I hardly managed to balance myself.

The fear of EarthQuake is still around, people still are in trauma but it feels nice that people together are trying to come over that terrifying black day. A huge pile of debris with strange kind of smell is still in front of my house but day by day the area is trying to return to normal.

Once thought, if I was in one of those collapsed buildings, it would have been 13th of mine too. Weird but true.

Rest in peace fellow people who were living around, We miss you here.

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