these cool people; their amazing country : Maldives !

I have just lived an unforgettable week of my life.

It all started with an invitation for a media conference in Maldives, organized by Asia Pacific Forum and the Human Rights Commission of Maldives, at one of the very best place of the world : Male'. Such hospitality, such bunch of amazing people and such a place, I will rarely forget any moments I lived in Maldives.

Sunrise at Maldives, frm Male', like a dream for us! :)

A nation of 1192 islands in 26 atolls ( Maldives derived from Sanskrit : Mala (garland) Dvipa (Islands), Garland of Islands), this nation looks to have it's own style of life. Especially Male' looks filled with scooters, ferries on the rush and calm people moving around. Humid weather with all blue ocean around and fantastic environment, Maldives offers  goosebumps to people like us from a himalayan country with their unique nature of living.

On the top of everything, the frenz from Maldivian Human Rights Commission were simply best, with their hospitality, cool nature, unique and creative working style and enthusiastic presentation around. Before going there, I could have never thought people from Human Rights Commission can be that cool, young and superb.

The Media people from South Asian NHRI teams were some best people around the globe, Dr. Savita from India and her food storie, Jamini and his journalistic presentations, Utpal and his mesmerizing remarks about Nepal, Kabir and his his dance, Ashik and his jokes, Hashiemi's slow steady remarks, Abed's Questions, 2 Srilankan frenz and their calm remarks, fellow countrypeople from Nepal Deepak and Kailash made the week so friendly and unforgettable. I was the youngest and naughtiest on the lot, so I was enjoying their experience and the way they adopted my naughtiness.

The Maldivian team made us feel so old fashioned and so old schooled with their attitude. Tholal, Faso, Jeehan, Randa, Ishan and all the frenz from Maldivian HRC will always be the people I admire a lot. The welcome speech and friendliness of Tholal, unexpectedly fantastic Faso, always super energetic Jeena, so sweet and always helpful Randa and simply the best Ishan, thank you for everything Guys. :)

Welcome to Male' city, Maldives

zooming in the ferry

Maldives is full of these scenes

Kabir speaks to James, at Interview practice

Lunch with the team Maldives and yes, James and Judy

Usual scenes at Maldives, Blue water and the watercrafts

Challenging the splash, Male'

Jemini and Faso lead our visit to Maldivian Human Rights Commission

Human Rights Commission of Maldives

One of the poster MHRC designed

MHRC people are so creative in everything, admired

On top of everything, Jeehan (commissioner of MHRC) is a model herself :)

Maldives Human Rights Commission office, saving frm A/C, cool idea!

One of MHRC mate's workplace

Faso's cabin

Student made images

Jemini and Dr. Savita

in Male, Maldives, it's #Messi everywhere

Best thing about maldives, Surfing! Trust me, these guys are amazing

some of our group members with trainers

The Coolest part was Cultural show by loccal band of Maldives

Our team dances with local Maldivian band in Kolaveri Di! :)

Tholal has his own steps

Jemini was the best dancer

Aashik, Savita and deepak presenting

It's our group, Jeehan and the secretary of Maldivian commission

Srilankan mate

Hashiemi presents Afghanistan

Jemini was the only pro-journo of the lot

Utpal looks like a custom officer

Randa and Faso

She has studied in Nepal, TU, forgotten her name, Swajda??

President of Maldives HR commission with our trainers

Tholal, delivered the best welcome speech i ever heard

receiving my certificates, look how many pens I have! :D #Prank

Srilankan fren

Ishan awards Faso with the gift, this guy is one of the best personality :)


  1. Brought the memories. Good to see all those familiar faces from the HRCM.

  2. Great job, Janak!!! And, when do we get to see the dance photographs. Be in touch.

    Savita Bhakhry