Kunte Stories

It's been long since I wrote my blog last time. Call it being busy or lazy, but I don't feel like writing anything. After long, I went home for a day for weekend and had some nice time with ny (my brothers' ) kids. Here I want to share their pics along with others.

This is Kunte, daughter of my brother Basu. She is 4 years old and studies in nursery. She is such a clever and gutsy girl, I jus get amazed. Here I share some of her pictures. :)

Kunte Playing with her Sister

Here She Caught another sister

She can even feed the goat

she plays with the goat

she tries to write with dad's pen

here's her handwriting

Kunte smiles

Sunset from our field

Kunte takes me visiting the field, where yadav is ploughing.

Kunte cheers the sunset!

Kunte is checking the grain

sunrise from my home in Nuwakot

Sunrise again, Nuwakot

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