Being Vegetarian

On the eve of 10th June 2013, I suddenly decided I am not eating meat products anymore.

It was a hasty decision caused by the frustration of my rapidly overweighting body, and I was not serious at all.

Since then, it has been 4 months and 9 days, I haven't eaten any meat products, though I consume some dairy products like milk and curd occasionally.
According to one survey, around 2-3% population of the world are vegetarian, among which India has the largest number of veges. It's hard to define veg people as some people only don't eat meat, some people don't eat any livestock products at all. I am not try to define the trend and all, since I am myself not clear that upto when I can give up eating meat.

Before turning into this, I was a severe non-veg liking every non-veg products as much as I can. Among them, Chicken curries and buff momos were my real favorites. On it's prime, we used to order one and half plate buff momo to begin eating and on with it. It was like I used to fill, without ordering non-veg stuffs, my meal is never complete. 

I had many hard times between this period as being veg in this city of craft-mandu is quite a tough choice where momo, chowmin and other almost ultimate non-veg stuffs are first choices of fast-food to program lunchboxes. Even in the wedding and other parties, you will find it very irritating if you are trying to find something veg, as most people in town eat the meat on your face like they are hungry for years. I was out of valley for one my brother Bhupal's wedding, and I was suffering all the way of trip as in every parties, as you have only option of picking pointed gourd and rice if you are a veg. Even in office lunches, friendly hangouts and dates, it's odd that you can't really let others dishes to share with you and you outcastedly have to order something different from the menu. 

Moreover, veg items in kathmandu restaurants are expensive if you compare them with commonly available non-veg snacks. Veg restaurants charge 70-80 Nrs for samosa chat, 120+ for Masala Dosa and other veg items are expensive too. So, being veg will hurt your pocket more if you are a veg around this city.

Another interesting stuff of being veg is that you get hard time to convince people why you don't eat or quit eating meat. It's harder if you have a bit thick body and will be hardest if you dont drink alcohol as well. People just love troubling these kinds of vege creatures continuously asking : why, when, never or sometimes, don't you feel like starting kind of questions.

The hardest thing I felt around for veges is "Dashain" festival. The biggest fest of Nepali people is considered a festival of meats and if you are a veg, if you don't play cards, if you don't take alcohols and if you don't like tika advebturesm, you literally have nothing to do there except being with your beloved family.

In the beginning, I used to feel like it's stupidity to restrict yourself from the available delicacies as your body is fit to eat anything, but in the later parts, I felt all good to not to eat non-veg. I used to gain 3-4 kg weight during a week of Dashain, which didnot happen this year. I am in all good shape with sleeping one week and feel myself more healthy after stopping the non-veg dishes. And I felt, it really works to maintain your weight if you avoid non-veg items. (It's not an expert say, it's my experience.)

I don't know upto when I will continue living like this, don't have any idea whether being veg is better or worse, don't know the details of non-veg items' troubles, but now I can really say veges can be proud of themselves for not eating non-veg. :)

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