Sachin Tendulkar : Happy Birthday

Everybody believes in God and everyone knows who the God is - Somesh Verma.

The god of cricket has lived 40 years, which includes 24 years of glorious international cricket career. Being born on 24th April 1973 in Bombay, in a country where cricket almost comes as addictive as religion, this superhero of cricket has achieved every possible records of batting.
Sachin Tendulkar in the hearts
There is so much written on Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar around the Globe, must be one of the most talked cricket of all time, this man presents a calm figure of true gentleman, never getting angry or never getting into controversies. Personally for me, most part of cricket I watch comes to be linked with little master : the nation he plays for, the clubs he played for and the series or games he shows up playing. I crazily followed Sachin Tendulkar, being true I learned watching cricket watching Sachin Play the game and during these years, he has given every probable joy to me which a fan can get from his sports icon.
Sachin Tendulkar the 1st ever double hundred in ODIs
March 16, 2012 came with a heroic milestone for him, reaching the century of international centuries as he made 100th ton in international cricket. Figures he has achieved are almost impossible to sum up in articles like this, but till the date I wrote this, he has made 15837 runs off  327 innings of 198 tests with the fantastic average of  53.86. In 452 innings of 463 ODIs, he has produced 18426 runs with the average of 44.83. he has also taken 154 wickets in ODIs and 45 wickets in tests in the bowling department. 
Sachin celebrating test Hundred
In his age of 40, he is playing t20 cricket with same enthusiasm, which generally is considered as a game of younger cricketers. Playing IPL, he has made 2563 runs from 83 innings with the average of 35.10 and with the strike rate of 121.58. 

There are many records along with these numbers, as there's a famous saying "records follow the God". From most Test and ODI runs, to most Man of the Match and Man Of the Series Awards, Most test and ODI caps, first double hundred in ODIs, Most away Test runs in cricket (8705), record for scoring most 1,000 Test runs in a calendar year{He has done it six times – 2010 (1562 runs), 2008 (1063 runs), 2002 (1392 runs), 1999 (1088 runs), 2001 (1003 runs) and 1997 (1000 runs)}, World record of most runs scored in opening partnership with Ganguly and 331 runs biggest record partnership with Rahul dravid, 34000 international runs, out 27 times in 90s most by any batsman and many more and more.....
Sachin Tendulkar with ICC Cricket WorldCup

During last year, after we celebrated his 39th birthday, Sachin rested his bat from the one Dayers, he declared he won't play the ODIs again. May be it was not a news for many sports lovers, but it was a numb moment to me to see the God quitting the format. I represent the generation which was born almost with Sachin's cricket career and grown up watching him play the great game, who the beep cares how may times he failed, he was always an Icon to watch, person to love and a dream to follow.
Sachin Tendulkar we know : Always calm and cool Gentleman
People love discussing about when he will retire or many other stuffs, clearly can be seen they are either jealous or don't understand cricket well. For me, Sachin forever is the best cricket player forever and ever, forget your Don Bradman claims, have you ever seen him playing? I have seen the god of cricket playing this great game and will love to watch this magic go on and on.
39th Birthday picture of Sachin Tendulkar : with Yuvaraj, Haravajan and Zaheer

Happy Birthday Sachin and thank you for all those moments of bliss u have given to us, the cricket lovers around the globe. 

Happy Birthday. :) 

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  1. Nothing can be much better than this on his birthday :-)

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  3. awesome post on master blaster sachin tendulkar on his birthday

  4. Sachin Tendulker birthday. celebrate all cricket lover.

  5. Just went through your this write up. I read it and felt good. Since I have always been a fan of Tendulkar, I always wanted to write something on him. However, I found here being projected myself here out. Momentous Happy Birthday Gift. Thank you ! Kudos !!!