I M Tired of Being Brave

I Am Tired of Being Brave 
Rajesh KC's cartoon on current political deadlock
I have been tagged brave,
since history began here,
have been labeled,
brave, courageous and Bravo,
Enchanting "VEER GORKHALI" or
though I don't have to do anything to get the label.

It's free of cost gift to every NEPALI being born here.

But after all these years of being labeled brave,
I confess,
I am tired of being Brave.
Rajesh KC's another cartoon says many things
Politics led us nowhere;
except getting trapped around,
a fragmented, distorted and divided society,
Wounded hearts, disappeared and auctioned humanity,
battered civilization and creepily paralyzed culture.

Bravery led us nowhere;
parasited economy depending on unskilled labours,
slipping away everyday,
hybrid culture,
worn out social norms and values,
rubbed human conscience,
and raped 'rule of law'.
Rajesh KC's Cartoon on inaccessible healthcare
We have been brave,
to be alive with,
3 figured hours of loadshedding a week,
no proper drinking water, sanitation, health-care or food supply,
syndicated economy,
infinite education,
fuel shortages,
cholera deaths,
and above all,
all sold 'educated and self-claimed civil and intelligent society'. 
Rajesh KC's cartoon on meaningless political speeches
I am sick and tired now,
tired of same crap political news going nowhere,
tired of messed up and corrupt bureaucracy,
tired of nothingness,
tired of false prouds,
tired of contenting on,
tired of bravery and chivalry.

Altogether, I am tired of being brave!

(Title Line taken from Anne Sexton's poem "the truth the dead know!"

All cartoon images are creation of Nepali Cartoonist and Photographer : Rajesh KC.
Web Adress : http://www.rajeshkc.com/