CNN Hero of The year 2012 : Pushpa Basnet did it!

After accepting the award for being named CNN Hero of the Year 2012, Pushpa Basnet, A Nepali lady aged 29, dedicated for saving and educating those children whose parents are behind the bars announced : "This is for my children, and this is for my country Nepal. Thank you so much everybody who voted for me and who believed in my dream." 
Pushpa Basnet Accepting the award for CNN Hero of the Year 2012 (image source : CNN)
That was true, when we started the nominating campaign for her, it was a dream, when she was inside top ten, it was yet a dream. Now she has won it for us, for the great work of humanity she does for those innocent souls and for all the Nepalis who have got yet another rare occasion to become proud on their national identity.

"Mamu" of more than 140 children she helped since she started her campaign in 2005, Pushpa Basnet started those things unnoticed for very long period. When Anuradha Koirala became CNN Hero of the Year 2010, nobody believed that it will happen again in 2012, but those all valuable votes counted to recognize a noble cause of a great hero from Nepali society.
Pushpa Basnet defeated more than 45000 nominees received in the CNN website to be considered as CNN Hero of the year. This is the 6th time CNN has chosen the annual hero of the year, with which Pushpa received $2,50,000 along with the award.
CNN Hero of the year 2012 Pushpa Basnet (image source :
Somewhere I have read, "Unfortunate is not that country which doesn't breed a hero, but that country which needs a hero." Requiring heroes like Pushpa Basnet is definitely not a proud moment for a society, but a lady dedicating her life solely for the altruistic cause of saving innocent souls of children is a proud thing, moreover she has been chosen to be the international hero yet again, 2nd time from Nepal in its 6 editions is something very rare achievement for the country like us. It would have been better, if Heroes like Pushpa were not required, but a lady from poor country like us being winner in the world stage makes us proud for the every single vote we have done for her.

Pushpa Basnet being announced CNN Hero of the year 2012 by CNN's Anderson Cooper
In countries like Nepal, social service is either politics or business, in such pathetically hegemonic situations, Pushpa has shown the world and Nepalis that things are not as negative as being presented. We can achieve the things if we are determined and dedicated to our dreams. Outcomes come tastier when it makes your nation proud. A Nepali Lady, among so called social activist males, have done it for the second time.

Pushpa Basnet, CNN hero and Proud "Mamu" of the kids. (Image source : CNN)
Congratulations Pushpa! We are very very very proud of your achievements. Hope it motivates other youths like Pushpa for great works like she has been doing. Here comes words taken from @lendaai on twitter : Every vote in my life has gone in vain, I m proud these votes were useful to make a Nepali lady winner!

Ultimately, dreams have come true yet again. :) 

(My blog is limited in expressing my happiness that my 30-40 votes everyday along with my attempts to promote Pushpa Basnet finally achieved a dream, nothing much needed! :))

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