Wish we had an Aamir Khan!

Sometimes, I seriously wish, we had an Aamir Khan.

Astonishing, ain't it? 
Aamir Khan and Satyamev Jayate, image : http://www.satyamevjayate.in/
As -James Baldwin once said, "The world changes according to the way people see it, and if you can alter, even by a millimeter, the way people look at reality, then you can change the world." Those efforts, which are made to reduce the calamities of social and professional ills and evils we have in the so-called modern society, make huge difference above than doing nothing.

It certainly does.

Leaving aside the political boil-ups for a moment, if we think about society and its positive reformation, I think we are in miserable condition. Our society is in the process of transferring itself into a new shape, and where we need a well-to-do political stability, there we have a pile of dead political ideologies and outdated misguidance towards the political vacuum. Fine enough, Politics has always been like that, though we are having the taste of more bitter one, We should have some activists and social leaders to guide the society, to speak up against the hypocrisies, injustice, social ills and evils and to raise themselves above the fucking narrow boundaries of dirty party politics and businesslike NGOS. And the latest update is we couldn't have it, Society is in the state of theoretical Pendulum, with abruptly accepting whatever way it is being fucked. 
Satyamev Jayate Episode 1
Let's take an example of the television show "Satyamev Jayate" in Indian television channel star plus presented by the best-seller of Bollywood Aamir Khan. There may be long discussions about the legitimacy, TRP, profit-loss and other aspects of the program but the best thing about the program is the social buzz it is created. Producers are paying Aamir 3 crores per episode, this is a totally commercial program to fight for the TRPs and all that but this program has forced people to notice those things which they usually leave for others, especially NGOs. Aamir stood up to speak aloud about some conventional social ills and evils like gender feticide, honor killing, child sex abuses, domestic violence, differently able people and others. He could have easily earned more money dancing with some bumpy and cleavaged heroine or kicking some villains or even playing role as a college boy at the age of late 40s, but there he is, he gave an attempt to raise voice on those forcefully hidden evils of the society. And the impacts can bee seen well around whole India, state governments amending the laws, IMA standing against Aamir Khan, many governmental and non-governmental organizations are awake from their deep sleep and the well earned buzz.
Arvind Kejriwal
We can take another example of Anna Hazaare anti-corruption in India, that compelled government to draft and prepare "Janalokpal bill" against the corruption, many celebrities went on stages and rallies to support the cause. The hidden motive of the movement may be political, there may be hidden interests of RSS or BJP or the team Anna itself as Congress(I) general secretary Digvijaya Singh keeps claiming, but it has unified the people against the social ills and evils of corruption that India is bearing. In new made-ups, there raised Arvind Kejriwal, the supremo of IAC, giving deadly hiccups to the corrupted Indian government, political parties and many mega-commercial families. I again say, I nowhere mean to support them altogether, there may be questions on their motives, fundings, transparencies, legitimacy and all, but they have stood tall to evoke the people to search what actually is happening, inside big white chambered offices. 

Nepal and India share many common basic social and political characteristics, positive and negative both. We also have a "Civil society" and big brand celebrities who doesn't suppose themselves less than any Hollywood superstars. But our civil society only speaks for(3 "P"s) politics, profit and part, nothing more. They come to the road to help some political parties but they don't have any problem with all these impunity, corruption, black marketing, domestic violence and everyday joke of human rights of the civilians. Lets not talk about the celebrities, they look totally unaware of what is actually happening inside the country and the society.
Pushpa Basnet, Nominee for CNN hero of the year! image : CNN Heroes
We have some remarkable people to fight against social inequalities and unjust sufferings being imposed upon ignorant people, their efforts are always praiseworthy. Naming some of them may go like this : Pushpa Basnet, Anuradha Koirala, Dilshobha Shrestha, Dr. Gobinda KC Mahabir Pun, Dr. Bhagawan Koirala, Dr. Sanduk Ruit and manymore. I nowhere mean to demoralize their golden efforts to stand against ill-mindset of wrongly literate society, but we don't have enough buzz and awareness here on. The impunity by state or non state level is on it's all time peak, tax rubbery and black-marketing with brokers leading the economy, society heading towards being fragmented and divided for nothing, corrupted bureaucracy with all dirty-excuses and on the top of everything, the public either rushing abroad or accepting every fiasco as it comes, no resistance. 
Dr. Gobinda Kc Image : http://jiwankshetri.blogspot.com/2012/07/second-day-of-fast-at-tuth-dangerous.html
'Satyamev Jayate', in its duration of being on-air, created 1,249,440,319 connections on internet, 14,972,514 responses, 8,115,739 community members joining hands and sharing hopes and others. It certainly is above than any other TRP clashes or serial sobbings a TV channel can create. After those programmes, Maharashtra government flagged off generic medicine stores across the state, marches against female-child foeticide, child protection bills passed and manymore. We are in Nepal, there can't be any comparisions between resources and audiences that 'Satyamev Jayate' and Aamir Khan had with whatever we have, but there are comparable things : the social problems, the hightiding impunity, the hypocrisy, the marketization of services and state facilities and many more. But we have noone to speak aloud, to resist or to submit dissatisfactions on the effective ways, to make a move creating differences though we proudly have a huge mass of leg-pullers making sure no any activist will be there free of party memberships.
Gudpaak Reporting
The all-Nepal famous Newroad Gudpaak criminals ManendraLal Maskey and MadanBabu Maskey were released by the district court kathmandu jus fining 15 and 25 thousand(see Mysansar archives) or Nagariknews report, for their crime of selling dumping sites on the pack of Gudpaaks. Others, who were under investigation for selling date-expired medicines, rotten foods and manymore were untouched. Tax-rubbers decide economic policies and government protects the professional criminals for just being party cadres. Altogether, we common people, have no strong voice to protect our humanity as bureaucracy is busy in corruption, political leadership in 'consensus' and "NGO"s in creating dollar floods.

Can't we try sorting out some social problems without political involvement or influence.... Shall we ever get that voice that will advocate for the greater common good? Will someone ever leave political and professional ambitions aside and stand tall and speak up? May be someday...

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