Doramba, Madi and KotWadas : The forgotten Brutality

"Communism is a long and most painful route from capitalism to capitalism" -C. Verdery. She says it all. (source : @sanjeevpokharel on twitter)

I am reading about Mao Tse-Tung, the magical and mythical dictator of China, glorified by the contemporary communists like god after he controlled the absolute power. But reading 200 pages of that book, I can care-freely claim he was a war mugger, the cruelest person on earth, even more than Hitler. It may take another discussion who was better cruel, but when Mao was once asked when china was suffering from the worst famine that why he is not caring the almost half of the population dying starved? He simply replied, what's wrong with that if half the population dies, other half will eat full on! 

The theme is, the war lovers are always cruel, brutal and indifferent towards humanity. The above mentioned theories came to me when I remembered Doramba after 9 long years. Let's see some cruel examples :
Baburam Tamang, Doramba........ picture tells the whole story.......... Photo : KanakMani Dixit
Event no 1 : It was dated Shrawan 32, 2060, almost 9 years ago from the date of this piece written, 20-21 members of the then Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) were shot dead after being captured by the the Royal Nepal Army at DadaKateri Chaur of Doramba in Ramechhap District. Including Bishnumaya Thapamagar, a woman revolutionist activist and Baburam Tamang, local leader (seen in the picture just below), 20-21 people were shot dead from the close range in their heads with their hands tied behind with the ropes. The then Royal Nepal Army stated this incident as a cross fire incident, but National Human Rights Commission of Nepal rejected the claims and exhumed the corpses from the buried place and reported after all the details from eyewitnesses and forensic investigation details that they were shot dead after being captured. Every national and international laws were violated in that incident including common article 3 of International Humanitarian Law, Geneva convention.

After the 9 years of that cruel incident, none of the guilty participators or perpetrators have been punished. Apparently, armed court issued some light punishments to its some staffs, except that nobody bothered to take care about this issue. When the same party, for whom those 21 youths died without second thoughts, being in the government twice, don't give a damn, neither for punishing the involved culprits nor forming "Truth and Reconciliation Commission".

picture from documentary on JOGIMARA
The 2nd Generation of those killed in KOTWADA
Event no 2 : 34 innocent laborers(17 of them were from Jogimara, Dhading), including the contractor Kumar Thapa were killed at the construction site of KotWada Airport at Kalikot District. Following the maoist raid in Achham district which took 138 lives including senior government officials, the then Royal Nepal Army war searching for the prospectus Maoist cadres in the nearing villages and districts while this incident took place. All those laborers were hanging identity cards around their neck which was not enough to save their lives. When then contractor tried to explain, he was shot dead where he was staying. Then RNA took them into the custody, dragged all 34 poor people out of their room and shot their temples one by one.
After the brutal murder, RNA instead of going for postmortem and handover of dead bodies, halted some villagers of KotWada, and burried them in one of the construction sites. They even arrested those relatives of dead who were from neighboring village, took them into custody for 15 days and released.
The Bus which was mined at Madi with the class-enemies Hunted!! Photo : a foreign journalist
Event no 3 : 39 innocent passengers(including 3 RNA soldiers) got killed and 72 passengers(Including 4 RNA Personnel) were injured in a land mine blast by Maoist Insurgents at Badarmude, Madi chitawan District. The Bus was going from Bagai Post to Gardi through Madi valley riverbed boarding approximately 150 passenger including 12 RNA staffs, which is double in figure than other normal day passengers. The bus flew almost 2 feet high in the air after the landmine blasted damaging the bus in pieces. The parts of the bus and the passenger were scattered around the spot. 
Later on, in a report submitted to OHCHR by Maoists, they confessed that the incident was done through IED (Improved explosive device) using a bucket bomb which was being observed with a remote 200 meters away connected with a wire. This straightly, they can see the bus full of passengers and they let them be brutally murdered just for the cause that they were some RNA staffs boarded in a public bus.   
The then army chief of Nepal : Rukmangad Katuwal (When Peace Process began)
These were some of the incidents among 100s of those which were knowingly created by the then war parties of Nepal upon unarmed civilians in the one decade long Maoist war (People's war in their own words). Summing the cases of forced disappearances, uncountable tortures, Extra-judicial killings and planned encounters along with many look alike categories by the both sides, RNA and CPN(Maoist), one can easily say the most suffering part of the war were innocents. People were made to pay for some ruthless political ambition of some stupids either in the frame of rebel or government, so brutally that if we go through those uncovered stories, things may look even worse.
The main purpose of my writing is not to blame anyone, not even to curse but when u read the descriptions or details of those happened, your blood automatically starts boiling with anger. Both the Maoist and the Nepal Army are withholding the information as much as possible and shielding the involved. They have tried their best to save up the faces of the culprits, whether Raju Nepali accused of mass murdering in Bhairabnath Gan or Niranjan Basnet, The murderer of Maina Dhital. Whether it is Balkrishna Dhungel, a court-certified murderer or Agni Sapkota another murderer, all of them are being saved in the name of "let both of us, Shut up".
The Burden of Victims
 The most painful are the cases of those who lost their dear ones for no reason. Bishnu Tamang, the person of picture 1, was shot in his arm and was alive when he was thrown there at Doramba, he cried for help all night, but nobody dared to go there to help, and he died during the night. His party is in the government now, does anybody give a fuck to his painful death?? He died for the party, a harshest death possible, and now nobody even bothers to speak up for justice? Those 35 killed in KotWada, don't they deserve an attempt for justice. All those culprits, whether of Muktinath Adhikari of Dhading, Maniram Dharala of Jumla, Dekendra Thapa of Dailekh, Umesh Shrestha of OkhalDhunga, Pandit Narayan Pokhrel of Gorkha, Maina sunar of Kabhre, Krishna Sen of Gorkha or whatsoever, are living happily without fear of punishments or disgrace. What would those victimized family feel about the word Justice? : "GHANTA" 
The Shamelessness : Dancing with Rekha Thapa..... Supremo Prachanda!!
"Forgive, don't forget" is the main theme of transitional justice, which have been badly cracked as a joke in our society. Those people are brutally forgotten by everyone, in the name of peace and harmony. Isn't the families of the victims are the one who should be there saying "I forgive you, it's ok" instead of culprits saying "they forgive us, it's ok"? We have been so passive that we don't even bother to speak up for Human Rights and justice for those victimized people in the name of war, because it didn't happen to us. Human Rights is a joke and project related stuff for city people until it is violated one's own.

I still feel, they deserve some sort of attention, at least for an attempt for justice!! Those "transitional unjustice" which imposed upon them is salting the wounds of victims, all those who lost their dear ones to help some opportunists be crowned and forget everything in the name of peace!

Before bluffing people in the name of peace, can u morons collect the pieces of hearts? plz, I insist! 
Just Imagine, if your relatives died like this, would you be saying "Forgive all" with the same loud voice as you are doing now??

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