Nepal in Olympics : A funny sight again

London Olympics 2012............... two days to go!! yeaaaaaaaaaa :)

Surely the main question will be : Can china keep up the supremacy of same height as it had done in Beijing Olympics?? Leave it, lets talk of ourselves.

Once again, from the blessings of great god, we (Nepal) is going to take part in the 2012 London Olympics happening at England from 27 July to 12 August.
Deepak Bishta carrying Nepal's national flag on the Beijing Olympics March-pass
 Once again, history continues, Nepal will participate in some "Wild Card Entry" games which are universal, as we have been doing most of the occasions. 5 Nepali players will compete in the saga happening in London : Tilak Ram Tharu in 100m athletics event, Pramila Rijal in 100m athletics event, Sneha Rana in 10m air rifle shooting event, Prasiddha Jung shah in 50m freestyle swimming event and Shreya Dhital in 100m freestyle swimming event. Along with them, Coaches Tika Shedhai, Wangden Lama and Dhruba Bikram Shah will also be touring London Olympics, best possibly to get the "valuable experiences" to play with top international Players, as we have been explaining it to be for years.

Official Logo of London Olympics 2012
 Nepal has already competed in 11 editions of summer Olympics, resulting no any medals won, except  Bidhan Lama, won a bronze medal at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul for taekwondo, when taekwondo was an exhibition sport. That straightly means, we were never competing to win any medals, (except Deepak Bishta and Sangina Baidhya were expected to bring something hopefull but they didn't), so, what are we fighting for??

The information seems funny but, in the name of these 5 wild card entry players, more than 40 people (some of them are wives, families and relatives of sports related and non-related big heads) are going to visit London. I seriously doubt all of them know the value of sports and national pride representing a country in the Olympics.

We gloriously have two Olympic Committees: one recognized by government and another one recognized by International Olympic committee. These things most of the times happen in Nepal only that sports organizations have become union organizations of parties in the government. Nobody gives a damn to the sports, tournaments and players, they concentrate merely on two things : budget that comes nationally and internationally and international tournaments where they can have a late honeymoon trips with their pillar sized wives. More Interestingly, the authentic governmental body for sports in Nepal : National Sports Council , headed by Prime minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai decided to dissolve both the Olympic committees, but nobody cared. The dissolved Olympic committee is proudly representing Nepal in the Olympics. When asked about these, Mr Yubaraj Lama (the *owner of National Sports Council) said that he knows nothing about the Olympic participation(according to the news Published in Annapurna Post Daily of today).
The main question will be : Can China Keep up it's Supremacy of Beijing Olympics??
Things could be marked even worse if we see the list of VIP visitors of Olympic 2012.

The chairman of participating Olympic Committee Dhruba Bahadur Pradhan and JeebanRam Shrestha will visit London with their wives, as vice chairman Sitaram Maskey and member Sunil Raj Rajkarnikar are also going to visit London on government costs. One another person, who is resident of London is also visiting the Olympic village along with a huge group of people, whom NOC has recommended to visit London in the excuses of self-paid visits. Except those, 2 persons for boxing, 1 for taekwondo, 2 for inaugural ceremony and 2 in concluding ceremony are awarded with tickets, just for being the relatives of these big headed fellows(source : Annapurna Post Daily). NOC gets 100,000$ for participation and 25,000£ for the preparation purpose along with crores of money provided by the government of Nepal, which these creepy useless craps waste for visiting abroad with their family.

Dhruba Bahadur Pradhan
JeebanRam Shresth

Two of the Lucky Guys, touring London with their wives

So, why the hell government is doing nothing for this nonsense??

The question has no answers, even no clues. A sports star dies without getting treatment or any help, they don't get enough preparations, kits, dresses and facilities, just because these huge crowd has to visit abroad with their families. Shouldn't this amount be spent for the welfare of athletes rather than wasting for them? If we are participating in just three games, why we need a official team of 40+ people, most of them ignorant or not-related with the sports that are we competing??

I want to wish all the best for all those athletes who are competing under the flag of Nepal, especially the national flag bearer Sneha Rana and the coaches. I know you guys will try your best to make us proud. But I Feel sorry for you guys for all these funny sites which are exclusively available in Nepal Only. Previous version participants had seen the great sight of team officials' fights as well, so u may expect something more filmy this time around. But, as long as the national flag and national pride matters, I strongly believe at least you guys will not let it fall downwards. But don't worry much, we have stopped dreaming about winning tournaments or medals. All the best! :)
Sangina Baidhya Competing in the Olympics
If it's not blessing on the god, then how can a NGO named "Nepal Olympic Committee" registered in Doti district gets the chance to carry all relatives to the London Olympics, without giving notice to the almighty National sports council??  

God is great, ain't he?? He brings "Olympics" in the form of "LOLympics" to us. :D

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