Bulldozed city looked like a post-bombed zone : Kathmandu(Pictures)

When there is nothing interesting inside, amazing things happen on the street.

Yesterday, the city was thrilled with some machines screaming out loud to remove those homes and structures which were constructed within the periphery of the road. This thing was started long ago, but there was a confusion about Lazimpat and Maharajgunj area being sensitive and "powerful" area. But proving all wrong, bulldozers ran along those areas and demolished those structures on the way.

There may be long discussions on whether it was right or wrong,who was more responsible for all these mess ups, what will be the real solutions to turn kathmandu into a planned and managed city and what actually are the traffic problems but those areas definitely look ugliest place in Kathmandu. broken electric and telephone poles, broken slabs, dust, scattered telephone and cable wires, left out construction materials altogether make it look like a recently bombed war city. Its not sure upto when it will be reformed and maintained or even cleaned, what about those houses and businesses destroyed but it definitely has a positive aspect of law enforcement by a state. 

It has been proved that Dr. Baburam Bhattarai has been failed to address the real-ground level problems of common people and he is no more than a populist freak, he keeps doing these things to twist the focus of questions into another direction. By saying these lines, I nowhere mean I am against the law enforcement, but those who approved the house to be built on that map or locations should also be punished. There are other important things left to do along with these small incidents I guess.

My friend Saroj and me were returning home after a coffee meet up while we ran through the post-bulldozered city, we clicked some pics from a running bike as we were in no mood to stop and click. But these pictures I thought are sharable. 

The City at the end of Saturday looked like this:


  1. wat happened should nt have happened, but i cannot say if it is wrong or right, coz sooner or later it had to. but may be there were some other options regarding compensations . may be some studies about the locals was important. but im spell bound just like many of us, not knowing wat to say.
    Nice article and good catch ups ..thanks.

  2. सार्बजनिक सम्पत्ती जनताका सम्पत्ति हुन् । घुमाउरो बाटोबाट जनताका सम्पत्ति मिच्न पाइँदैन । सडक बिस्तार राम्रो काम हो । यसको समर्थन गरौँ । बाँकी रह्यो अस्तब्यस्ताको कुरा । निर्माण गर्ने बेला अलि अलि भताभुँग स्थिती सहन सक्नु पर्छ ।