Some Strange sides of Osama Bin Laden!

If anyone has to pick anyone up to represent the modern day devil, most of the people will undoubtedly choose Osama Bin Laden as the best qualified candidate as he has been portrayed around the world over last one and half decade.
Being born in a elite Saudi mulch-billionaire rich family, Osama Bin Laden ended up being killed as the most wanted criminal of super-power America in his own residence at Abottabad, Pakistan on 2 May 2011. Almost everybody knows he was reportedly responsible for the 11th september 2011 attack on twin towers of world trade center buildings in Newyork causing around 3000 people to die and many injured through. And he was also on the list of most wanted for CBI after his accused involvement in US Embassy serial bombing attacks of 1998.

Leaving these stuffs on the side, lets talk about some strange and interesting sides of his life(which I found to be) :

Osama Bin Laden has "bin" in 3 places in his full name (Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden). In Arabic language, 'bin' means "son of", so, his name comes to be like Osama, son of Mohammed, son of Awad, son od Laden. Among them Mohammed was his father, Awad was his grandfather and Laden was his great-grandfather.

According to the CBI records, Osama has been described as heighting 6 ft 4 in - 6 ft 6 and weighting around 75 kg. According to those journalists who had interviewed him(including Pak Journalist Hamid Mir), he has been described as soft-spoken and mild-mannered.

Bin Laden was born from 10th wife of Mohammed Hamida-al-Attas who later divorced with Mohammed and married Mohammed-al-Attas. So, Osama shared his childhood with 3 half-brothers and one half-sister with his new dad soon after he was born.
Laden with Pak Journalist Hamid Mir

Bin Laden studied economics and buisness administration in King Abdulaziz University after his elite secualr Al-theger Model School. There are conflicting reports on whether he received degree in business administration or civil engineering or even he didn't receive the degrees as he left the college at 3rd year of engineering.

He was described hard-working being around school and university as he used to be the interpreter of Quran and Jihad in the university.

His interests included to be writing Poetry and military stuffs along with playing as a center forward at association football. He was the follower of Arsenal F.C. and was also interested in Black stallions.

Bin Laden married 5 wives in his life and 2 of them divorced with him. Sources had even claimed about his sixth wife also but name unknown. He generously fathered between 20-26 children with his wives. But there are more rumors about him being involved with other girls as well.

For Laden, Mullaah Omar's Taliban was the best and pure Muslim regime, in his words "the only Islamist country". He used to reject homosexuality, gambling, music and other things for being immoral acts.

Laden was considered a jihad hero until he fought with soviet forces in Afghanistan. From 1979-89 under operation named "cyclone", he was helped by United states with finance and arms to fight against soviets through Inter-services Intelligence (ISI). His militia groups were used to be trained by Pakistan army as he has very fond relationship with thethen ISI chief General Hamid Gul.

The 3 storied house where he was tracked before death is just 1.3 km away from Military training Academy in Pakistan. That compound cannot be seen in google maps of 2001 but can be seen in the google maps of 2005.

(Disclaimer : I nowhere mean to praise Laden, just i shared some interesting points found while reading about him as I have been reading about dictators including Hitler, Mao, Stalin and criminals like Idi Amen and Laden.)

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