#Apabaad Review : A fine work :)

If it doesn't put me into sleep or as long as it appeals me to stay interested, its a good movie for me excluding the porn. Critics may have longer definitions of what and how should be a movie but most of the times, they just speak bullshit which a common movie-viewer doesn't get along with. And of course, most of the movies praised by critics turns out to be boring and sleeping tablet for me.

From the day Nepali movie "Apabaad" started coming into the flashes, I was eagerly waiting to encounter with the movie. I am not a Pro-movie review writer of Nepal(as they claim themselves to be) or film critic or anything else. But I thought it would be better to share my opinions after watching the movie as an audience who loves and wants Nepali movies to get into the better direction. I watched it first day first show of the release here in Kathmandu as I was so curious about the rumors and propaganda along with the claims they have made about the movie. Let's go topic wise, and try to figure out some aspects I felt:-

Video of "Hida Timi Aafnai Baato", the song i liked most.
Music :- Music of Apabaad sounds a bit fresh for me from the conventionally established Nepali film music norms. New musician Ujjwal Meghi Gurung has genuinely created a guitar buzzed friendly flavor. He has picked pop singing sensation of Nepal Sugam Pokharel and another famous singer Shiva Pariyar to sing the songs which they have got spot on. "Chanchal Chanchal", "Yeh Dautari" and "Hida Timi Aafnai Bato" are so good altogether for a commercial movie like this. Among them, "Hida Timi aafnai Bato" is so nicely tuned and very nicely used in the movie. Music is definitely a very strong asset of Apabaad.

Casting and Acting :-  Casting of Apabaad doesn't consist a long list of characters, there are only four major and some minor character in the movie: The title or leading character Rajballabh Koirala (Suyog), his best friend turned beloved later Nisha Adhikary(Sunanda), Suyog's dad and mom. Rajballabh is fine with casting as he sometimes matches and sometimes doesn't upto the expectations. He looks exceptional when he silently acts but when he delivers a dialogue, he looks a bit shaky. The main character is to be presented powerfully, where Rajaballabh misses many times to meet up the expectation of the story. He has to improve a lot in his acting. Nisha has a cool role in the movie which she does well. The character matches the cast and her acting also looks refined. Rest of the characters are okay in the movie. Acting wise, movie slips and stands at many places as the director looks not giving enough importance to the facial expressions in some serious parts of the movie.

Story :- From the beginning, they have said that they are "inspired by cast away and into the wild", so no doubt the basic concept of the story has been brought from abroad. The story ends in a happy note, giving typical south Asian taste of storyline. If we compare the story with other two English fellow movies, it abruptly misses the adventures which protagonists go through along with their wondering during the movie. The story doesn't have ups and downs and sometimes it lowers the pace unnecessarily. Altogether, it looks like hard work and homework has been missing as it can be clearly seen the story can be improved. The story presents a "mixed chat: type of story from "Cast Away", "Into the wild", "Baaghbaan" and Wake Up Sid" but in a acceptable way.

Dialogues:- Dialogues have two aspects in the movie : interactions and narration by the protagonist. Being a RJ, Rajballabh scores 110 out of 100 when he narrates the story. The narrating voice is so sound and smooth that the audience may feel the old aged "Geeti Kathaa" taste inside it. But when it comes to interacting, Rajballabh weakens. He looks so funny sometimes, lost outside the story or being worried of something else. The movie presents a dialogue from "Baghbaan" as the publisher says to Suyog's dad "...... this is just the beginning, the 10 lakhs rupees cheque, the publication of London is going to translate the book "Apabaad" into English." The Dialogues could have been improved.

Technical Aspects :- The best thing about the movie is camera work and the selection of Locations. For me, this is the most impressive camera work in a Nepali movie in recent days. The songs are imaged perfectly in good locations. The shaky close up wondering shots are perfectly camerized. Choreography and screenplay are good enough though screenplay sometimes look really unprofessional.

Some Funny Aspects :- Story has lapses here and there where the movie looks funny. Though its an imaginary character taken from an English movie, it has to be improved a bit more to look Nepali alike. When romantic song "chanchal Chanchal" goes on, heroine is in a jolly mood and hero looks completely lost sometimes, not even smiling. Some predictable scenes makes it more funny which also gives the reminder that "you are watching a Nepali Movie". Some natural dialogues and some unnatural expressions make Rajballabh look funny time and again.

Altogether, The lately released "Apabaad" didn't bore me. Okay, it has influences from many English and Hindi movies, but in a acceptable way. Comparing to some conventional movies, Apabaad shows some signs of improvements like great camera work, nice music, no unnecessary violence, no unnecessarily angry villains and others, instead it presents a chasing of lost dreams and escape of a trapped youth. The movie has shown the hardships of young generation meeting up with expectations of beloved, family and the self at once. Obviously, the storyline could have been originalized, the dialogues and acting could have been better and the story could have more fine touch adding some adventures to the hero being lost in the jungle, but it appeals you when you are watching it. People have different choices, no comments, everybody knows a Nepali director cannot make a "Into the Wild" or "Cast Away", but who the hell cares, I liked the movie I watched. It returned back the money I paid, though in installments.

So, if you are going to watch the movie and have already watched other two English movies, lower the expectations before getting into your seats. Reality of the character and events may have another chapter of discussion, but never forgetting the fact that it has presented a symbolic character with hell lot of hopes and dreams in the limited breathing space, and he runs away for a breathing space or quits being forced will convince you.


  1. Good review of movie,yet Nepali movie normally copied from hindi movie and hindi movie influenced by English movie.its exactly like a=b=c means a=c vanya jastai ho.anyways,havent watch movie yet,if get chance will have to watch.thanks for review though!u can write in any topic huh,multitalented!