@tfcNepal, We brought the smiles back again : didn't we? :)

  This post is based on my experiences in the periphery of mission 6 of TFC Nepal, which was organized at Hetauda!!

Deekshyaa, a 6 year old girl smiled in a magical way when our friends handed over a new bag, new books and some stationary of class one to her. She was even more happier when we announced we will be coming again and awarding more to those who will score very good marks in upcoming exams. But this smile hides a painful story of her past where she had grown up. Her father was mentally disabled and her mother used to manage the cost of their living, but being unable to handle the economic burden and psychological pressure, she became mentally ill too. Her illness took a heavy toll on Deekshya’s life, she used to leave her on the highways and roads, so that, some vehicle might run over her and she could ask for money telling her baby has been kiled in a road accident.

Indira Neupane, a very gutsy woman from Hetauda has provided home and motherhood to 24 children who have hidden similar tragic stories behind their innocent smiles. The only source of hope for all these kids who have great dreams ahead in their paths of life. Indira Neupane had begun her journey as a woman activist. Later she felt the need to help those innocent children and ended up opening an orphanage named "ASAHAYA BAL GRIHA" for them.
Anirudra Sharma, was left by her teenage mom when he was mere one day old after she got pregnant and had no clue what to do. Another ten year old lost his parents in a bomb blast and he himself has huge marks in his legs injured by bombing. Some kids are there whose mother eloped with other men when their father died. We were so touched by their stories and it was a pleasure spending time with them on the function organized by @TFCNepal (Tweet for Cause, Nepal) at Hetauda. Together, we sang and danced, ate BHUTEKO MAKAI (popcorn) and MULAKO ACHAAR with them , shared their and our experiences which made the whole trip so memorable.

The Gifts
We, 7 people from Kathmandu (Hari Neupane(@Kakabaa), Ishwar Kafle (@iShzz), Kumar Fuyal (iPagalbasti), Sudip Khatiwada (@Sudipsaan), Ananta Koirala (@AnantaBrt), Akur Rimal (@fluctuating) and me (@Jaw_knock)) were joined by two great guys from Hetauda Umesh Sigdel (@Sigdelumesh) and Ravi Acharya (@furious_rav) on 18th May. Next day onwards, we were joined by Nishant Khanal, One friend who had very long twitter handle and LokVijaya Pokharel (@surkhetiThito) from Surkhet and gone there at orphanage for mission 6 of TFCNepal. Though the help we did and the things we provided were smaller in scale and not enough to their unlimited necessities, we felt we spent the money reduced and collected from hardly earned amounts from TFC members was very rightly invested for the right cause. Though, TFCians have already completed 6 missions including this very enthusiastically, we feel every time that we haven't done anything in comparision to great people like Indira Neupane. In spite of all the troubles created by Bandha and latest political scenario of Nepal, the late arrival of TFC’s support  as the educational session has already started [referring to the text books provided. We were almost one month late] and the piles of scarcity inside the orphanage, the children showed us how life should be lived. The heart piercing smile they gave us back in return of those small gifts we carried to them was so touchy and unforgettable that I felt I lived one of the most celebrating moments of my life.
This guy scored 97% in the recent exams!!

Buddha Lama lost his teeth! :)
TFC Nepal may or may not be able to go there again, but we will never forget Buddha Lama, a 8 year old, singing "Teri Meri Prem Kahani Hai Muskil" better than anyone in our team, not even Ishwar Kafle (who is famous for doing mother sister of any song rhyme and rhythm). I forgot the name right now but one kid from the orphanage scored 97% in the recent exams which was encouraging news for those all under that roof. There may be many people giving hours long lectures on social services, kindness, religion, helping hands and others, many organizations claiming to have opened a shop of kindness and love, but a true hats off to Indira di for investing her life for the sake of all these happy feets. She has been fighting long to establish a home of their own for the children and a better education for them so that they shouldn't feel being outcaste in the societies like ours where state has nothing for those who are not the relatives of the party leaders.
Finally, from my personal side, I want to thank Mr. Umesh Sigdel (Bhena of all gang as he is Bhena of our Buddy Niraj Acharya (@niraj_1974)) for everything he has done for us including the personal management of the tfcians and the wholesale management of the mission. Additionally, other friends from Hetauda (especially Ravi for providing DSLR) and all those contributing TFCians are the forever buddies for the great cause ever. The smiles I noticed on the faces of those children and the fellow TFCians were so valuable and impressive that I feel we proved the motto of TFC "Bringing the smile into the faces" to be true yet again. Hope we will be able to keep doing these tiny but worthy missions and keep helping all these unsung heroes of the society like Indira Neupane for the great cause ahead in the future as well.
Lets see some of the awesome moments we had there!! So blessed and happy to be the part of TFCNepal. We deserve a standing ovation, don't we? Hurray!!!!!! :) 

The Guy Anirudra sleeps!!

Friends with kids as Anirudra sleeps at the centre!

 The Awesome food they gifted us!! Yummy!!!
Ish Shares some magic moments with the rockstar Buddha Lama
Chocolate time!!
Indira Neupane Di shares her experences!!
  Vena, distributing!!

The Kid in my lap is furious as he didn't get any! :)

They Say "TFCNepal" so loud!!

Confused!!?!?! Lots of cameras!

We shut a picture in front of the orphanage being built!

Indira Di describes about the new home for these wonderful people.

And, this was the gift they gave us along with never forgetting smiles!

Kaka (Hari Neupane) and Vatiji (Indira Neupane)
In front of martyrs! The TFCNepal rocks! :)

Nepali Translation of above story by Ananta Koirala!! thanks a lot guru!! :)

"दिक्षा, एउटी छ वर्षकी नानीको अनुहारमा नयाँ झोला, कापी किताप र स्टेसनरी पाएपछी छचल्किएको अबोध खुशी र मुस्कान शायद TFCNepal को Mission6 अर्थात यो यात्रााको सार थियो । त्यो भन्दा खुसी उनी त्यतिबेला भइन् जब हामीले आउने परिक्षामा सबैभन्दा राम्रो अंक ल्याउनेलाई फेरि आएर उपहार दिन्छौं भन्यौं । तर उनको यो मुस्कानको आबरणमा अत्यन्तै पीडादायी कथा लुकेको छ  । उनका पिताको मानसिक सन्तुलन ठीक थिएन, त्यसैले उनको घरको सबै खाँचो गर्जो आमाले टार्नुपर्थ्यो । तर नाजुक आर्थिक अवस्था र मानसिक दवावले उनी पनि मानसिक रोगी भइन् । आमाको मानसिक असन्तुलन दिक्षाको लागि अभिशाप भयो। उनकी आमा उनलाई दिनहुँ लगेर राजमार्गमा छोड्ने गर्थिन् त्यो पनि यदि कुनै सवारीले उनलाई किचेर मारिदिएमा त्यसबाट पाउने पैसाको लोभमा ।

इन्दिरा न्यौपाने (असहाय बाल गृह, सानोपोखरा, हेटौंडाकि संस्थापिका), हेटौंडाकी एउटी साहसिक महिला, जस्ले दिक्षाको जस्तै निर्दोष हाँसो भित्र अनगिन्ती पिडा बोकेर बाँचेका २४ जना बालबालिकालाई घर दिएकी छिन्,माया ममता र शिक्षा दिएकी छिन् । यी निर्दोष हाँसोहरूले देखेका भविश्यका सपनाहरूकी एउटै मात्र आसा इन्दिराले आफ्नो यात्राको शुरूवा सामाजिक कार्यकर्ताका रूपमा गर्नुभएको थियो । पछि उहाँले यीनै निर्दोस मुस्कानहरूका सपना पुरा गराउनकै लागि असहाय बाल गृह खोल्ने निधो गर्नुभयो जुन अहिले असहाय बालगृहका नाममा सञ्चालनमा छ।

अनिरुद्र शर्मा, उनकी किशोरी आमाद्वारा जन्मेको दोस्रो दिनमै छोडिए । उमेरै नपुगी गर्भवती भएपछि के गर्ने कसो गर्ने भन्दाभन्दै अनिरूद्र जन्मिएका थिए । उनी जन्मेको दोस्रो दिनदेखि यही बालगृहमा छन् र अहिले उनी मात्र २ महिनाका भएका छन् । अर्का दश बर्षे बालकले बम विष्फोटमा आफ्ना अभिभावक मात्र गुमाएनन्, बमको कारण उनको खुट्टामा अहिले पनि ठूलो खत छ र उनी खुट्टा खोच्याउँदै हिंड्छन् । अरू केही बालबालिकाहरू पनि छन् जस्का आमाहरू बाबुको मृत्यु पछाडि उनीहरूलाई बेबारिसे छोडेर अर्कोसँग बिहे गरेर गएका छन् । यी र यस्ता कथाहरूले हामी सबैको हृदय छोए । @TFCNepal ले आयोजना गरेको कार्यक्रमका दौरान हामीले उनीहरूसँग समय बिताउन पाउँदा हामी गौरवान्वित भएका छौं । हामीले साथमा गायौं, नाच्यौं, भुटेको मकै र मूलाको अचार खायौं । उनीहरूका कथा सुन्यौं, हाम्रा अनुभव बतायौं, जस्ले गर्दा यो यात्रा अविस्मरणीय बनायो ।

काठमाडौंबाट गएका हामी ७ जना (हरि न्यौपाने, ईश्वर काफ्ले, कुमार फुयाँल, सुदिप खतिवडा, अनन्त कोइराला, अकुर रिमाल र म) र साथमा हेटौंडाबाट उमेश सिग्देल, रवि आचार्य, लोकविजय पोखरेल तथा निशान्त खनाल मिसन-६का लागि असहाय बाल केन्द्र पुगेका थियौं । बाल गृहका अनेकन आवश्यकताका बाबजुद पनि TCF का सदस्यहरूले दु:खका साथ जम्मा गरेको रकम सानै मात्रामा भएपनि हामीले सही ठाउँमा सही प्रयोजनका लागि सदुपयोग गरेका छौं भन्ने बेजोड अनुभुती भएको छ हामीलाई । टिएफसिएनहरूले अहिलेसम्म ६ वटा मिसनहरू एकदमै उत्साहका साथ सम्पन्न गरिसकेका छौं तर पनि प्रत्येक पटक हामी सोच्छौं इन्दिरा दिहरूले गरेका कामका अगाडि त हाम्रो सहयोगको तुलनै हुन सक्तैन । वहाँहरुले जुन हिसाबले आफ्नो जीबन नै सेवाका लागि अर्पण गर्नुभएको छ, त्यो जोसुकै चानचुने या कामचलाऊ मुटु भएकाले गर्न सक्ने काम हुँदै होइन । तैपनी हामी खुशी छौं, हामीले TFC को तर्फबाट यि र यस्ता सहयोगी हातहरुको योगदानलाई कदर गरेका छौं र सानै भए पनि एउटा इंट्टा थपेर सहयोग समेत गरेका छौं ।

नेपालको बदलिँदो राजनैतिक अवस्था र बन्दको मारका बाबजुद हामीले शैक्षिक सत्र शुरू भैसकेपछि (बच्चाहरूका लागि उपलब्ध गराएका किताब एक महिना ढिला भएको सन्दर्भमा) र बालगृह भित्र रहेका अनेकौं अभावका बीच पनि हामीलाई यी बालबालिकाले जीवन कसरी बाच्नुपर्छ भनेर सिकाएका छन् । हाम्रो सानो उपहारको बदलामा उनीहरूले दिएको त्यो मिठो मुस्कान साँच्चै नै हृदय छुने र बिर्सनै नसकिने थियो । मलाई लाग्छ, त्यो हामी धेरैको जिवनको सबैभन्दा उल्लासमय क्षण मध्य एक थियो।

TCFNepal फेरि त्यहाँ पुग्ला या नपुग्ला तर हामी ती ८ वर्षिय बुद्ध लामाले गाएको 'तेरी मेरी प्रेम कहानी है मुश्किल' कहिल्यै बिर्सने छैनौं (जुन उन्ले हाम्रो समूहका सदस्य @Ishzz ले भन्दा राम्रो गाएका थिए)। मलाई अहिले ठ्याक्कै नाम याद भएन तर बालगृहका एकजनाले गएको परिक्षामा ९७ प्रतिशत नम्बर ल्याएर त्यो छाना मुनीका सबैलाई उत्साहित बनाएका छन् । हामीलाई थाहा छ, समाजमा धेरै मान्छे समाजसेवा, दया, धर्म, सहयोग वा अन्य के के का बारेमा घण्टौं लामा भाषण गर्छन् र धेरै संस्थाहरूले त दया मायाको पसलै खोलेको दाबी गर्छन् तर साँच्चै नै यी निर्दोष ओठहरूमा मुस्कान छर्न आफ्नो जिवननै समर्पण गर्ने इन्दिरा दिलाई सलाम् । उहाँ लामो समयदेखि बालगृहको आफ्नै भवन निर्माण र बच्चाहरूको गुणस्तरीय शिक्षाको लागि संघर्ष गरिरहनुभएको छ, जस्ले गर्दा भविश्यमा ती बच्चाहरूले समाजमा आफु पिछडिएको महसुस गर्नु नपरोस् ।

अन्त्यमा, मेरो आफ्नो व्यक्तिगत तर्फबाट तथा संस्थागत तर्फबाट धन्यवाद दिन चाहान्छु भेना उमेश सिग्देलज्यू (हाम्रो साथी निरज आचार्यको भेना भएको कारणबाट हामी सबैका भेना हुनुभएका) लाई सम्पूर्ण TFC सदस्यहरूका लागि व्यक्तिगत तर्फबाट उत्कृष्ठ आतिथ्यका लागि र मिसन-६ को सम्पूर्ण व्यवस्थापनको लागि । साथमा हेटौंडाका अरू साथीहरू र TFC लाई सहयोग गर्ने सम्पूर्ण सदस्यहरूलाई जस्ले यो प्रयोजनलाई सफल बनाउन सहयोग गरेका छन् । मैले र मेरा सहकर्मी साथीहरूले बच्चाहरूको अनुहारमा देखेको त्यो हाँसो हाम्रो लागि अमूल्य र उत्प्रेरणामूलक थियो र हामीले फेरि एकपटक TFC को 'अनुहारमा हाँसो ल्याउने' उद्देश्यलाई प्रमाणित गरेका छौं । मलाई आशा छ, भविश्यमा पनि हामी समाजमा छरिएर र नदेखिएर रहेका इन्दिरा न्यौपानेजस्ता हिम्मतिला र साहिसीला नायकहरूलाई सानै तर उत्कृष्ठ सहयोग गर्न सफल भैरहने छौं ।  "


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    Hmm, there is no caste needed for spreading love warmth my dear.

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