My Suicide Note

Poem By,
Daydreamer, Laid-back, Business and Creativity enthusiast, Occasionally ambitious, Dog Fanatic, Freelance Marketer :)

The hurt within my head,
Pounds my heart into pieces,
My legs give up in the burden of failed admiration.
The Loneliness sings the songs of glory,
Mockering at the doorsteps of life,
My eyes close down,
To save one moment of agony.
The cheerless soul wants to escape,
And travel to the unknown destiny,
The senseless body,
Wants to rest in peace.
The warrior within, heaves the soul,
To rise again, above all distresses,
The poison of disappointments,
Cascading through the veins,
Are pushed to the edge.
No more this body will suffer,
The unseen,
No more will outlandish traitors,
Will banish the courage and self.
No tear will fall for their triumphs,
Over my broken wings,
As I write this note,
For the suicide of your desire,
To devour my strength.

(A thought of a zombie mind :)...comments and criticism are highly expected)