Dr. Baburam Bhattarai impresses : After the laborious "Cleaning Campaign" of 4 hours!

Around yesterday noon, there came a letter from the prime minister's office, with a request to all government employees for their involvement in the "Office and the Surrounding Cleaning campaign" of today! And after the hard work of almost four hours, we have done it. I usually do write cursing or opposing Dr. Baburam for many political and social reasons, his flaws and other useless practices he does usually, but I want to thank from my heart to him this time. It was a cool decision in favor of many good optimisms and a decent cause, thus, good things and thoughts should be appreciated.

 A nation cannot be built in a day or a moment, it takes a huge amount of progressive and hardworking time and effort. The problem I notice in average Nepali people is that they expect a miracle to happen everyday, and if possible, without making any efforts. They always expect big development and progressive things to happen all of a sudden like earthquakes or magic. We haven't tried to make people believe that nation building is a long run process and it takes time and long efforts, whom we called developed, are not there in a night or fortnight.

 Despite being a biggest fiasco of Nepal's history, I personally respect Baburam Bhattarai's this decision of involving government staffs to clean their office and surroundings. And they did it, in fact, we did it. We involved ourselves along with all National Human Rights Commission Staffs, including our secretary Bishal Khanal, for a cleaning campaign of almost four hours. It was nice time around, nobody was unhappy to be involved, in fact, we worked much more than other working days around the office.

A nation is an unified whole, which runs out of combination of too many elements. We forget rest of the elements and concentrate our mouth-banging on politics, which is never above family dowry in countries like Nepal. But the movements like this,or at least attempts like this may help people to motivate themselves for the process of nation building and development. Smaller things mean a huge deal, even if we have metros around the city with Bagmati river being a drainage, that makes no sense. So, this was a cool decision from the Baburam Bhattarai government. They not only should involve the government workers in the useful movements like this, but also the Armies, Polices, PLAs and others who can contribute in such stuffs with great impact. These things are not easy to be done, but if we keep on, people will automatically start supporting for the good causes.
NHRC Secretary Bishal Khanal on the queue
And, I donot want to present a lecture here in this version of my blog post, but want to present some pictures of cleaning campaign, that how my fellow colleagues were excited to clean Hariharbhawan and surroundings. Huge things or highest climb begins from small steps. I hope this will not end in a frenzy of momentary fun. Good Luck Baburam! :) 

Finally there's one saying :
"Good Things Come To Those Who Wait, But Better Things Come To Those Who Work For It."
Some other images from the occasion!!!



  1. wow... it looks real fun.. i wish this day had come when i was working in nepal at the government hospital...great job.

  2. ok before u start to give so much of high woords for BRB, just sit down and go back to flashback, Dr.BRB does only such things that will give him publicity and all those praising word which you just gave above..