A BRUTAL RAPE : 'Rainbow City' People civilized Bagmati!

 Two weeks ago, I participated to a programme, organized by Ministry of Environment and some 'Lavish' INGOs and NGOs at five star Everest hotel. The occasion was "International water day" and the motto of the programme was to preserve water sources, to 'literate' or 'aware' people for safe water..... blah blah blah blah!!! One of the speaker and presenter of the programme was proudly announcing that he has been taking part in more than twenty programmes that week, non-stop here and there! He must be running here and there to preserve the water resources for us. :)
Bagmati : the journey begins! #Bagdwar

The other side of the story is frustrating. If you have started being optimistic seeing the above mentioned story, it may be a huge April fool for you around. I am in no mood to curse or teach anyone today, but I felt how 'ridiculously civilized' we city people are being!! I have had some pics, some by myself and some by @Nepaldiary! But what we are doing to this holy river of Bagmati including others is nowhere excusable. My innocent thought after visiting the area : can anything be done to this issue above than some cheap seminars and paper presentations on 5-star hotels? Does Bagmati smell to the "Everest" "Soaltee" hotels??
The behavior of us, is literally a brutal 'rape' we are doing Bagmati has been taken as "Holy River"!

Bagmati : on the way!!                                                 photo: @Nepaldiary
Bagmati : towards 'rainbow city'             photo : @Nepaldiary

Bagmati : entering the city           Photo : @Nepaldiary
Bagmati : started being tracked frm here, Gokarna         Photo : @Nepaldiary
Bagmati : at Aryaghat, and the Rape begins!       Photo : @NepalDiary
Bagmati : at Thapathali, see we have created a sea of plastic bags

Bagmati : in its real form!
Bagmati : Rarely a river
Bagmati : proud flow!!!!
Bagmati : How Beautiful, see!
Bagmati : and our hobby, consuming plastic as much as we can!
Bagmati : oh wau, incredible!
Bagmati : ....................
Bagmati : the holy river in "gravy" form!!
Bagmati : the scene, i see everyday!!
Bagmati : ............................
Bagmati : they know politics, but ..................
Bagmati : Look, here is Mount Everest part 2!!! :)
Bagmati :This national animal of us must be proud of our civilization!!
Bagmati : and at chobhar, how beautiful!

Bagmati at chobhar
Bagmati waves final goodbye in the new form of Drainage!!
After seeing all these pictures, Lets think for a while, are we conscious what we are actually doing? It might not be possible for us to enter and clean the river straight, but we can reduce the usage of plastic bags and oppose the municipalities who drain into Bagmati and other river. The way Bagmati is being battered today, is the matter of shame for us. 

Running after political issues, tech issues and other common stuffs are not only thinking for the society, we need Bagmati and other rivers for generations like us, just imagine, if it was in the same form as it begun, how nice it would have looked!

Stop Battering the nature!!!!! Stop This Shamelessly forceful Civilization of Nature!



  1. very true 'Brutal Rape'..its not so easy for Bagmati to recover, yet we can reduce the pain.First step is always hard and frustrating,hope your this article will able to get attention of thousand of civil people lived in the city.

  2. very awesome writing, why don't you initiate something through your blog. Let's do something. Seriously....