Being 'Fool' in the name of being 'cool'!

 Last friday, when I was about to enter the office, our office Security Guard instructed me that there is a girl along with a boy waiting for me to meet. I was already late by 10 minutes for the office and was hungry enough to jump into the canteen for "DAAL BHAAT" but i had to meet them obviously. I knew the guy easily as I used to make him work some small maintaining stuffs of our office during my days being administrative officer, but I didn't know who the girl was. They greeted me and started telling their story. The story in short was that the girl has been published in a "Nepali Porn" site, with many tags, photoshopped pictures and other self-made stories. They first went to complain registration office of our office for consultation and somebody must have told them that Janak knows better on website and internet kind of things, so talk to him. I told them to go to "cyber crime" unit of police as it was a police case and told them I can find the hosting and operating place of website with the help of my friends. Though the website couldn't be opened from desktop, I tried it from Ncell mobile where it opens. The case is in the hand of police now and I still remember the face of that girl crying for some "done" and "undone" mistakes she committed.

Whatever modernity and other latestness we claim, we still raise our eyebrows on matters like "sex". After listening to these matters, the 'civilized' people either cover their mouth with hands and laugh briefly or join the friends to tease, lets not bother to go towards "uncivilized" people. We still take these things as a great mystery, hidden matter and a thing of amusement, which is effecting the society in negative direction, we can especially find these things in criminal cases. We have strict laws against porno stuffs selling and promoting, but who cares or who bothers to care about these things? whether it will be sold on the footpaths of Sundhara or Mahabouddha, sold to a student or a businessman, in what way people use it after purchasing and so on. People are so desperate to sell and buy these things, store them in a cellphone or laptops and no precaution to whether it will be misused or not.
After democracy was reinstated in Nepal along with peace process, the most-developed and most- misused thing is mobile along with its accessories and relative gadgets. Everyone has got 1, 2 even three mobile sets along with 3.2, 5 or even more megapixel cameras. People are free to shoot and click anywhere they like, store anywhere they want and some of them cause the incidents as i have mentioned above. People wants to be 'cool' using these things but never know 'misuse' of these things may lead towards being 'fool'. I am never against using these things, these things make life impossible without them but use of these things also may lead life to become impossible to live. Shouldn't there be a 'handle with care' tag on every gadget so that we don't have to see people being deceived in knowing or unknowing way?
I still feel for that girl, if she could have rejected while shooting such stuffs, or even thought twice before letting 'him' to do so, she shouldn't have been running here and there to stop it now. People should have dare to say 'NO' on right times. We can take Nepali actress Namrata Shrestha as a milestone example on these issues of digital misuse. There was a boy also involved but nobody even asks or blames the boy, all fault comes in the part of a girl. So, a woman should be more careful on these issues as they have to carry heavier burden from such incidents.Laws may be effective, they punish the guilts, still it certainly creates a negative buzz about you around the society. Whatever "My life, My rule" type of person are you but these things unnecessarily bother you and a small caution may remove that possibility.
Modernity lies on attitude, not in your name, date/place of birth or something else. Being modern nowhere means to be shameless forgetting every social norms and values or adopting western 'individualism' instead of non-western family and society grips. Our society is indeed rude, conservative n outdated, but not useless. So, In the name of being 'cool' just to show other, be careful of being a 'fool'!

Jay Hos!! :)


  1. ya it is a very important issue that we must talk about and spread awareness. nice one janak ji

  2. Very well said Janak bro... Totally agree with you!