Pushpa Basnet : there she deserves CNN Hero of the Year!!!

In 2005, when Pushpa Basnet, after returning from a visit of jail during her study of social works, told the society and parents that she is going to start a mission of rescuing and educating those children, who have their parents or themselves behind the bars of jail for many reasons, was a hot joke for the then time indeed. People thought this girl had gone crazy and will forget everything in some days, but she couldn't forget those appealing and innocent eyes, whom she felt like calling her and started the mission. Now there she is, almost nominated for the CNN Hero of the Year 2012, an unsung lady walking closer to the topmost awards of the world. She runs an organization named "Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC)" which have now provided alternative residence, school enrollment, nutritious meals, medical care, and a nurturing home for over 100 children, between the age of 2 to 17.
Pushpa Basnet With the kids

Lunch Session at ECDC
At the beginning, Pushpa started taking care of 5 children with their parents behind the bars, but she used to return them to their mothers at the nights. After this long exercises and attempts of 7 long years, she has now been considered housemother of sorts for those children, who go school everyday, learn painting, yoga, music, gardening, documentary film making, languages, and computers as extra activities. Indeed these children could have gone through the fates of other 100s of children, who still stay with their parents behind the bars or drags their coping on the streets of Kathmandu and other cities lacking the local guardians. 
“It is not just about you living, you have to try to make your world a better place,” said Pushpa. “If I give them good education and everything, tomorrow there will be less crime. They won’t be facing the same thing that their parents are facing. These children have opportunities because they are educated. It's not fair for (these) children to live in the prison because they haven't done anything wrong. My mission is to make sure no child grows up behind prison walls. "I had a very fortunate life, with a good education," Basnet said. "I should give it to somebody else."
And the confidence Pushpa Basnet has brought

                                            Pushpa basnet : Interview

According to Pushpa and the CNN site, She is now officially selected as the top ten nominee for the CNN Hero of the Year this year. You can vote her 10 times a day through the link below!  :
To make Pushpa Basnet CNN Hero of the year, click here, पुष्पा बस्नेतलाई CNN Hero of the year बनाउनको लागि यहाँ क्लिक गरिदिनुस् ! एक दिनमा एउटा मेल Address बाट १० भोट् गर्न पाईन्छ !!

After being nominated for the final competitions only, voting can be done, before that, there should be enough Nomination requests to get her selected for the prestigious awards, which will be the sense of proud for all Nepali people, Nepali women community and specially those who has lived unsung dedicating their lives for the welfare of helpless and hopeless human creatures around the Globe.
The Smile Pushpa has brought is ................

Click here for Official Newsportal of ECDC Nepal!

Special thanks to : Anita Thapa
President, Youth Initiative, Nepal

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