About Our #Understanding!

For so long, I have been writing or let's say thinking about political Issues. This time i was pinched by our understanding or thinking pattern as a whole. Let's be fair, I was so impressed after reading Immanuel Kant on his essay "What is Enlightenment?" on the regular college coaching.
 In the one paragraph of his essay, Kant has defined enlightenment as the man's release from the self-incurred tutelage. His definition seems so real in the modern world as well because we are trained to think in a pattern. Our mom is the best person in the world for us who let us be what we r today but she starts the tutelage to happen on us. She defines everything the way she likes as don’t do this, do Namaste, wear this kind of dress, go here and there, be careful etc. Then when dad comes to our life, he repeats the same lines adding some threats of punishment if we don’t follow them. Teacher is da director of our future path, but adding these Tutelages in our life, he is the worst person who comes across in our life. He teaches perceptions for us, along with thinking patterns, so-called social norms and mandatory disciplines which we should forcefully apply to our thoughts. The school and college days add full mind of those self-incurred tutelages to our life, after which we feel hegemonized to think freely. We follow others’ perceptions, others’ thoughts and instant ways to tackle the curiosity which only reproduces the old storage of knowledge those lectures and teachers used to have.
Nature has given equal power of understanding or thinking capacities. It looks alike different from the point of how lazy and cowardice we are. The more people become lazy or cowardice, the more he will use that self-incurred tutelages. This discussion looks like a philosophical crap until we come to know where the real problem is. In today’s world, almost everything is sun by those self-incurred tutelaged lazy thinkers who blindly follow some outdated theories rather than bothering of thinking or being curious. We are suffering the impractical politics being based on somebody’s thoughts on centuries ago, we create music stealing others’ creation and the whole hegemonized thinking of us indicate towards the horrible level of tuteleged thinking we have been possessing in today’s world.
So, Kant has given a slogan: “Have courage, dare to know.” We don’t have any other option than thinking freely to create the new ways of life. The most ironic thing we are doing is, we are doing and thinking in the same way we used to think in past days but we want new things to happen with those ready-made attempts. No, we are wrong. If we have to create new things or future, we should start thinking or doing those things which we can’t do yesterday; have a courage to think freely. It has been proved that those thoughts are not going to give anything to us, so why not we start a new way of thoughts. We have this huge numbers of intellectually literate people, but no one dares to thinking beyond crap party politics and useless government jobs. Leave it dudes, the government jobs, useless politics will remain there if we can save our country. 

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