Just a flick of positive thought...........!

Long ago when Ice-creams were not so expensive, this is a flick of action of that time. A 6 yr old boy entered into a fast-food restaurant and tried to aske a waitress something else. Firstly the waitress thought him as a beggar and tried to escape from him. Then after some while the boy stopped her and asked her in a loud voice "how much a Sundae costs?" The waitress replied "50 cents". Then the boy checked his pocked, counted the coins he had and then again asked "how much will a normal Ice-cream costs?" Now the waitress began to be irritated so she abruptly answered "35 cents" as she was not expecting any more questions.
Then the boy ordered a simple Ice-cream, waited, stayed in a table, asked the bill, paid at the cash counter and moved out. Everyone including the waitress ignored him and after sometime she went to clean the table. While cleaning the table, she began to cry. Because the boy had left 15 cents in thwe corner of the table as her tip. The boy took simple Ice-cream instead of the sundae so that he can pay the tip to her.
We all are in the hurry of winning something today. Everyone has his one destiny and we are trying our best to find out the target in our jobs, educations or relationships or something else. Everyone wants to be champion and wants to produce a champion everyone's home. But we have left or totally stopped to think about others including ourselves' happiness.
Stop doing this guys and be happy coz its not sure what time ur visa will be expired to be in the earth. A boy, 22 years old, my friend's uncles son, who was almost finishing chartered accountant, passed away yesterday by heart attack within 15 minutes. So don't destroy ur happy moments running for the uncertain future.
Reading this message u r so lucky or luckier than those 20000000000 people who are illiterate. Cheers guys be happy and laugh a lot. This life is so valuable.


  1. गजप छ साथी , अरु पनि आओस है यस्तै !

  2. ek dam ramro lagyo sathi.. v v inspiring.