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Why can't we take responsibilities of ourselves anymore? We, Nepali always keep on blaming others for the miserable or lets say weak condition of us. We, being so-called intelligent and educated, never get tired of scolding the leaders and the government along with system but we never thought that we are the part of the system. The young generation, calls the politics dirty, bad game, many many nicknames but never tries to understand whats going on and how should it be? If that is a dirt, who the hell will come to clean it up? Its easy to give long lectures on morality, rule of law, management. But have we ever thought how we are ruining those things? we can't wait till the traffic jam decreases and run on footpath, one way, wrong way with our bikes, we don't bother climbing the steps of sky bridge and cross the road from the vehicle packed roads, we throw dust and dirt anywhere we like, we piss on every shadowed place, we make the footpath look like supermarket and the roads like parking area. These are just some of the examples. So, if we can't go on following those below normal rules, there is no point of throwing words against others for not following the rules.
This is our society, and it is certainly made up with all of us. We should bother thinking for the betterment of it, we must. We have chosen these leaders to rule us, so it doesn't make any sense just saying them a dirt, we should warn them, we should try to make them responsible towards us. We all are from the same small society, which becomes happy to remove a small piece owned by other, pulling others' legs, and throwing bombastic words without bothering to pick a single small work. And it will be a foolish idea to expect something miracle will happen until and unless there will be people governing us from the same society. My words might look throwing gossip, but we should try to change the perception of the society. Its a long process, it takes time but we should do it. There is no other way. The people starts saying "this country is bad", "system is useless", "everyone is corrupt", "leaders are thieves", and start dreaming abroad. Its good to go abroad, experience and learn and return back. But its not good to speak against those land which gives you existence. And those people who can do nothing good, think nothing good, hope nothing good will be good if they don't return to Nepal. Its our country and we have to at least attempt to do something good. We scold the system but how many of us are good technical or useful? How many of us are excellent?
I hope, we guys should use our spirit, our hard work, experience, learning for the sake of country, at least a part of them for those who are unable to get up themselves. 

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